The Organization for Technology Advancement of Cold Chain in West Africa (OTACCWA) was registered in Nigeria with the Corporate Affairs Commission on June 1, 2018.

OTACCWA is a multi-disciplinary and multi-sector group of professionals, companies and organizations in Nigeria/Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) with the primary mission to organize the different industry sectors participating in cold chain supply of perishable agricultural produce, pharmaceuticals and other perishable commodities for storage, transportation or distribution which represents our individual and collective interest in policy making, standards setting, raising capital, networking and industry development, by focusing on the following:

Reducing post-harvest losses and wastage of all perishable commodities and improving the quantity, quality, efficiency, and value of the cold chain supply system.

Facilitating and enabling vertical and horizontal collaboration, capacity building, education and innovation among our members and stakeholders at the national, regional and global levels.

Recommending appropriate policy framework relating to development of the cold chain industry.

Facilitating and fostering the development of multi-modal transportation facilities for all perishable commodities.

Establishing formal linkages with government and delineating the role of the private business sector in the food and nutrition security and related development programs.


Over the years, Post-Harvest Loss (PHL) has constituted a significant problem and challenge across sub-Saharan Africa, with recent studies pegging rates as high as 50% especially in perishable nutritious foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables. This accounts for low incomes for farmers and the high price variations in the supply of these nutritious foods. Cold chain would solve these needs and cut down losses drastically also raising the standards of health care delivery by assuring the quality of medicines and organs needed for medical activities.

The significance of cold chain is not only critical to the food value chain for PHL reduction, but also to healthcare delivery. The lack of cold chain impacts on both nutritious foods supply and our healthcare delivery systems, especially in the storage, transportation and the distribution of these essential food commodities for improving our overall nutritional well-being, same applies to pharmaceutical products such as vaccines for primary healthcare delivery drives and health delivery standards.


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Upcoming events

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Ascertain status and development of the cold chain Industry in West Africa

Highlight the importance of cold chain as a catalyst for achieving reduction in post-harvest losses, effective healthcare delivery and economic growth in West Africa

Emphasize the benefits of deploying cold chain technology for achieving national/regional food and nutrition security strategy initiatives

Create awareness and advocacy on the need for policies on cold chain development, regulations, standards, and protocols for use in West Africa

Outline the untapped business opportunities of the cold chain sector in the food, pharmaceutical, healthcare innovation and catalyze Business to Business networking for sustainable development and business growth.

Stimulate local and international financial institutions to invest in cold chain businesses - manufacturing, warehousing, logistics and innovative technologies

Engage government on the need for cold chain equipment meant for post-harvest loss reduction to benefit from the import waivers granted to agricultural equipment/reduction in tariffs

To focus government to establish cold chain as an integral component of agriculture.

Highlight the importance of conducting cold chain mapping in West African countries to determine the current capacity and required actions for improvement.

Develop curriculum for training needs, technology gaps and capacity building required for the cold chain industry in West Africa

Support key research and development needs that are adaptive and appropriate to achieve cold chain West Africa.


Nigeria has less than 1% of the world’s cold storage and mobile refrigerated logistics capacity. Nigeria’s capacity is only 200,000 m3 compared to India that has similar ambient temperature and high poverty rate to Nigeria.

According to the World Bank’s International Logistics Performance Index (LPI), in the 2018 LPI ranking which covers 160 countries. African countries on the list are ranked as follows: South Africa with an LPI rank of 33, Cote D’Ivoire 50, Rwanda 57, Kenya 68, Benin 76, Mauritius 78, Ghana 106 and Nigeria 110. Nigeria’s position is noteworthy as it is Africa’s largest economy and has the largest population in Africa. This shows a gaping need to plug the transportation gap for agriculture in Nigeria especially for perishable farm produce using cold chain solutions for transportation and storage.

An estimated 15 million metric tons of Nigeria grown perishable farm produce are lost annually due to poor logistics  infrastructure and high transportation cost which leads to spoilage and damage to produce therefore an estimated 1,250  million metric tons of perishable farm produce will be transported on a monthly basis which is 41,666 units of 30 tons loads  in refrigerated trucks, this would preserve perishable goods from post-harvest losses monthly.

The connection between transport, logistics and development is in facilitating local and international trade transactions, which under appropriate circumstances boost national income and reduces poverty. This contributes to economic and social development for the nation.

Nigeria needs a reliable transportation backbone for agriculture to evacuate all harvested produce from farm to market, a  reliable transportation back bone helps farmers plan, expand acreage under cultivation, stabilize prices in the market,  improves farmers’ earnings, improves earning along the whole agriculture value chain and government can meet its goal of  feeding the nation with excess for export thereby earning foreign exchange.


The Organization for Technology Advancement of Cold Chain in West Africa (OTACCWA) was established on June 1, 2018 with the objective of promoting and facilitating the development of the cold chain system in West Africa.

OTACCWA and the Post-harvest Loss Alliance for Nutrition (PLAN) project, an initiative of the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) having recognized the importance of an unbroken cold chain system in the perishable nutritious foods supply chain as a means to significantly reduce post-harvest losses of nutritious but perishable foods-fresh fruits and vegetables, fish and seafood, meat, milk, chicken. OTACCWA/GAIN  hosted a Regional Cold Chain Summit and Exhibition in November 2018 and 2019.

This Summits covered processed foods, pharmaceutical and allied products that require cold chain services to maintain their quality, efficacy, and integrity. The summit will brought together actors and stakeholders from various sectors of the nutritious foods value chains and healthcare to collectively interact and decipher challenges to the growth of the sector, deliberated and proffered solutions, analysed the current status of the sector and charted a future course for the cold chain sector development in West Africa.

The summits and exhibitions also celebrated the individuals and organizations that have shown resilience in developing the sector, and gave policy makers and regulators a platform to address the cold chain community in West Africa under one roof, the first of its kind.

Donation goal

OTACCWA is seeking funds to complete the cold chain mapping of Nigeria. We are also seeking funds to enable us engage consultants to develop and codify a cold chain regulation standard for Nigeria. Please make donations to : Organization for Technology Advancement of Cold Chain in West Africa Bank: Firstbank of Nigeria Plc Account Number: 2033469890
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Goal: ₦20,000,000.00

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